Do you feel like you have power over our mind, emotions, and body yet still life somehow doesn't always move in the way we want it to move?

Do you know who or what have you given your Power away to?

How can you release the anchors of your life, reclaim your Power and
swiftly move the ship of your life in the direction you want?

Power is a natural part of who we are and it is necessary to navigate through daily life and manifest all that you desire. Yet people either misuse or not use their power enough. It’s almost like we are afraid sometimes to express the power of who we are for fear of judgement. I believe true power gives us the ability to pause and become self aware enough, to align to our true values and come from authenticity and care at the same time. My experience of diving into the human psyche showed me where the blockages to power were and how to open people up to reclaim and express their power in alignment with who they really are. 

The Power Portal will bring you many unique and practical insights that you can apply to your life to achieve the goals you have.
How To Know When You’re Giving Your Power Away:

As a result of not wanting to acknowledge and effect our power, we “give it away” – often without knowing that we make things outside of us rulers of our realities. Here are some signs you may be stuck in this cycle:

  •  Any Addiction
  • Repetitive Relationship Patterns
  • Financial Challenges
  •  Health Issues
  •  Depression
You Can Reclaim Your Power Now..!

Once you recognize the signs and you are willing to reclaim your power, it can shift within you very quickly, and your outer reality subsequently changes.

To help you with, this we invite you to engage with this powerful video meditation process to help you balance your sacral chakra and activate your base core power portal.
Let us know how this process affects you by emailing

When will it take place and how much will it cost?
   We meet online on: 

Saturday • 20th May 2017  from 12:00 - 18:00 (UK time)
Sunday • 21st May 2017 from 12:00 - 18:00 (UK time)  

The cost of the Course will be £400
Special Offer:
Those ladies who book onto the Activate Your Destiny Lake District residential weekend (, which begins Friday 2nd June 2017 and ends Sunday 4th June, will get the Power Portal weekend for FREE (live event or recorded if booked after the coming weekend!). 
You can get details about the weekend here:

About Sidra

Sidra is a unique psychic, intuitive healer and spiritual facilitator who has helped more than 100,000 people successfully manage their challenges in health, wealth, relationships and connection with Source with many reported “miraculous” results. 

She has a highly refined ability to quickly and accurately trace the points of creation of a person’s life challenge whatever it is – depression, cancer, infertility, money and relationship challenges etc., and provide solutions that have created quick and lasting changes in people’s lives e.g. reported cases of women giving birth after years of infertility, healing of chronic pain, depression, eyesight, quickly improved relationships, job and financial opportunities, etc.
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