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Year 2017 is a phenomenally potent year for manifestation. 

So let's make the most of this unique year and build the life we desire!

Would you like to be supported by one of the greatest healers, psychics and life guides in the world who has successfully facilitated more than 100,000 people with their health, wealth and relationship challenges?

Do you want to join a community of healers committed to healing their own health, wealth and relationship challenges and healing others?

Would you like to discover how to manifest your wishes or goals in health, wealth, relationships?

If you are struggling and can’t see your way through to the life you want, allow Sidra Jafri and the School of Awakening to show you the steps you need to take to live a more fulfilling life.

The Gold Community Membership of School of Awakening will take you along a path that will bring you beautiful flowers of awareness, acceptance, connection and expansion along the way. A path that will quickly lead you to the stunning mountains of joy, love, power and purpose so you can live a truly abundant life with a community of like-minded souls.

Are You Ready To Rise?
What will I receive on the 
Gold Community Membership?

1. Engage with psychic, intuitive healer and life guide Sidra Jafri live on her weekly Conscious Upgrade Chat webinars (every Sunday from 7:30pm UK time for 90 minutes). Sidra will share tried and tested tools to help upgrade your consciousness regarding very common dilemmas that you may face in your everyday life.

What can I expect from these webinars?
Ask psychic Sidra your quality questions about your challenges, your successes, your goals. Sidra will share her profound wisdom and tested tools tailored to help you make better sense of your life, goals and challenges and help you quickly overcome your difficulties.
Using Sidra's highly developed ability to tune into the groups needs Sidra will guide you into deep and powerful group meditation processes to help us all dissolve the internal and external conflicts (beliefs, bonds, etc.) that keep us stuck in life so we can move more quickly towards the life we want to live in health, wealth and relationships.
During the final 30 minutes (approx.) of the webinar Sidra will lead a group healing circle where we will activate ourselves as healers and send healing to our loved ones, to our communities and to the world to raise those who suffer and bring healing to the planet.

Live access to this event is Sidra's free gift to raising the consciousness of the planet but access to replays are for Gold members only. Click here to experience Sidra's magic on the FREE live Conscious Upgrade Chats.

2. Enjoy revisiting the full Conscious Upgrade Chat webinar replays whenever you wish. Replays will be edited and made available within 3 days of the webinar date.

3. If you are unable to join the 7:30pm live webinar because you live in a different time zone or you know in advance you will miss it, you can simply email your questions to Sidra and catch her response from the replay.

4. Become part of a supportive community of conscious-minded researchers and healers dedicated to learning, testing and applying solutions to build a better life.

5. Transform your life through weekly Sidra's powerful Sacred Healing Arts designed to break old patterns so that a new YOU may emerge.

6. Access to a growing conscious library of over 100 transformational 
meditations specifically designed to clear your day to day mental, emotional, physical and spiritual challenges and improve your levels of love, power, purpose so you can live an abundant life.

7. Access to a growing resources section including frequently asked questions (FAQs) of Sidra and transcripts of meditations. 
This is YOUR unique opportunity to discover why you are not achieving what you want in life and how to quickly dissolve the blocks so you can rise to success in health, wealth and relationships!
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