Welcome to your Divine Agents Bureau!
Thousands of lives across the globe have been touched by Sidra Jafri’s remarkable level of healing, guidance, and support in many mysterious and not so mysterious ways.

As a result, many have reported meeting Sidra in their dreams; miraculous healings; unexpected job offers and many other opportunities for advancement.

Sidra is an extremely powerful energetic architect who is on a mission to ignite the Divine within us all.
Her deepest desire is to facilitate the manifestation of powerful, loving, inspired and successful Agents of the Divine dedicated to raising the consciousness of humanity.

Given the changing world conditions (e.g. suicide bombings, natural disasters, economic and political turmoil etc.) which are a direct reflection of our collective inner turmoil, igniting the Divinity within us all becomes more essential with each passing day. 

The more we transform ourselves, the more we can transform the world for the better.

Sidra is offering us a unique and unprecedented opportunity to accelerate our personal growth and development through an exceptional multi-faceted platform where we can make a lasting difference in the world by eradicating loneliness.

What is this opportunity?

Become a member of the Divine Agents Bureau and help eradicate loneliness. Sidra's considerable research has led her to discover that loneliness is the root cause of all evil in the world however it manifests itself.
What do I get for being a Divine Agent?
• Interact with Sidra Jafri live at Sacred Home Space every Monday from 8pm to 9pm. Think of this like a mini-Awakening event where you can:

- Ask psychic and life guide Sidra questions about your life challenges
- Share your experiences to benefit others
- Engage in extremely powerful group healing sessions
- Healing through Sacred Healing Arts, etc. 

Alternatively you can listen to this event online. Sacred Home Space is located in Isleworth, TW7 6NR.

• Access to past recordings of Monday evening sessions.  

• Join Sidra’s interactive Conscious Reset Chats every 3rd Sunday of the month throughout 2017. During the sessions Sidra will help to reset your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual space so you can live more fulfilling life. 

• Engage with the Sacred Healing Arts to heal your life at Sacred Home Space on Mondays from 6.30pm before the Monday 8pm event with Sidra Jafri.

• Meet and chat regularly with a family of conscious-minded researchers who are living their conscious research.

• Access to ad hoc special offers and opportunities (e.g. free Sacred Healing Arts to heal yourself, others and environment and other evolving opportunities).
How much is it to become a Divine Agent?

£27 a month (minimum 3 months membership)
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