• Are you willing receive step by step tried and tested ways to Activate your dream and Life?
  •   Are you ready to rise above the limitations, frustration and stuckness that sabotage the manifestation of your dreams?   
  •   Are you ready to release your past and press RESET on your health wealth and relationship?
Reset Your Life is a 12 month (life time access) unique program, specifically designed and structured to provide you for a unique space which holds the information on, how to embrace pain and change in life in the areas of Love, Power, Abundance and Purpose.
If you are currently experiencing pain in life, be it in health, wealth or relationship and you don’t know how to handle the pain, how to accept the pain or create changes in your life. Then this program is definitely for you!!!

This program is designed to make sure that you are supported through out your Journey in activating your dreams. 

A very unique format to fit in your busy schedule which covers the follows:

1. Conscious Reset Chat webinar with Sidra once a month for 60 minutes (every 3rd Sunday of the month from 6pm to 7pm UK time).
During these sessions Sidra will evaluate your personal current mental, emotional, physical and spiritual spaces to ensure you are moving rapidly towards manifesting our goals. 

Together we will determine what worked and what didn't work and we will create an energetic plan for the upcoming month.

2. Quicken your journey to success through monthly direct 1-2-1 sessions (lasting 30 mins) with advanced psychic and lifestyle expert Sidra Jafri. 
After purchasing this rare once in a lifetime opportunity to Reset Your Life simply call us on 020 7993 4336 to start booking your monthly private sessions. Purchasing Reset Your Life entitles you to up to 10 thirty minute long 1-2-1 sessions with psychic Sidra. 

3. Access to all recordings of Conscious Reset Chats and all weekend online workshops in the archived section, as described below via the School of Awakening website.

4. Twelve months access to the Gold Membership of School of Awakening. Gold membership is valued at £45 a month for 12 months, thus saving you £540.

5. Receive a Sacred Healing Action Chart that is specifically designed to clear all the past frustrations, disappointments and dissolve sabotages to your happiness. This is a very powerful tool which represents a significant upgrade to Sidra’s powerful world-renowned ABC tool. Sacred Healing Arts have provided amazing insights and profound healings for many people. 
Try it and see how your life shifts!  

6. Equip yourself with the latest cutting edge tools to super-charge your life from the fields of mind sciences, spirituality, astrology, numerology and sacred geometry and many other tried and tested methods to heal mind, body and soul.  

7. Three weekend online only workshops with Sidra Jafri as listed below. Webinar recordings of all workshops will be made available to all Reset Your Life participants so don't worry if the date has gone by. We have an online time travelling machine to take you back!
Love Portal – February 18th/19th 2017
Identify the root causes of your issues with love and your relationships with others. Discover how to heal your love issues so you can heal your relationships with others. Apply the power of love to dissolve your addictions and experience greater freedom to build the life of your dreams (valued at £575 separately).

Power Portal – May 20th/21st 2017
Identify the root causes of your power struggles – be it lack of power, abuse of power, etc. Heal your power issues and you can heal any depression. Discover how to build a better relationship with yourself so you can use your power to build the life of your dreams (valued at £400 separately).

Abundance Portal – September 9th/10th 2017
Discover the blocks to attracting Abundance in your life. Attract abundance in ALL facets of your life by enhancing your relationship with Source (valued at £700 separately).

* * *

Watch your power, love and abundance levels rise massively 
after attending these weekends! Working on these areas 
is essential if we want to build and sustain 
a new more successful YOU. 

* * *
* * * Bonus Offer * * *

Purchase the Reset Your Life package (at full price, not monthly installments) and receive the following at NO extra charge:

 Two large Sacred Healing Arts to heal your life and your environment (valued at £600).


You can start Reset Your Life at anytime in 2017. If you invest after an event has passed you will have recorded access to all previous events so this program is not tied into set dates. You can start anytime in 2017 and receive 12 months worth of content to explore.

The summed value of each of the above components of Reset Your Life comes to a value of more than £2800. Your investment for committing to create and manifest the life of your dreams with Sidra Jafri is: 

1. £2500 (you will also receive the above bonus offer at no extra charge valuing a total of £2040).

2. 12 monthly payments of £210 (including £20 finance charge. Does NOT include the bonus offer).
Click below to start accelerating the manifestation of a new YOU that is abundant in health, wealth, relationships and connection with Source.